Year R Maths Worksheets (Ages 4-5)

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More or Less Worksheets
Subject > More or Less
More and Less From > Home Education Resources
Which group of objects has more or less. Click on worksheet thumbnail to download and complete.
Subject > More or Less
Rainbow Fish Maths Book From > Communication 4 All
A4 workbook with basic maths activities. Deals with adding 1 more, taking one away, basic sums, patterns and drawing the correct number of scales.
Subject > More or Less
More or Less From > First School Years
Compare two numbers and colour in the number that is 'more' and then colour int the number that is 'less'.
Subject > More or Less
More or Less From > Maths is fun
Circle the group that has more or less.
Subject > More or Less
Larger or Smaller From > Worksheet Genius
Worksheets to start with the recognition or which number is larger or smaller. Colour in the bigger or smaller number.
Maths Games
Counting with Lecky
Help Lecky the alien count the correct amount of ballons
Egg Counting Elmo
Count and sing with Elmo!