Year R Maths Worksheets (Ages 4-5)

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Money and Telling the Time Worksheets
Subject > Money
Money Problems From > Primary Resources
Lots of Money Word problems. Scroll down the page to find the relevant worksheets/problems.The general ones are at the top of the page and age specific ones are indicated lower down.
Subject > Telling the Time
Is it Time Booklet? From > ABC Teach
A simple booklet that describes daily activites and a clock. Fill in what time it is.
Subject > Telling the Time
Telling the Time From > Learning Page
A series of worksheets that introduce the concept of time and using big and little hands. Simple exercises to work through with your child. The worksheets are numbered in complexity.
Subject > Telling the Time
Telling the Time From > Have Fun Teaching
A lot of Oclock worksheets where you have to write down the time the analogue clock is telling.
Maths Games
Telling the Time
Lessons and quizzes from this dedicated time telling website
Monster Shop
Go shopping for the monster and work out how much he has to pay.