Please remember that the level of these worksheets is just a guide. Some children will find the worksheets useful others will find the year above or below more suitable. Sometimes the worksheets take a long time to download, please accept my apologies for the delay.
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Free Following Instructions Worksheets For Year R

Lots of worksheets to complete. Tasks from spotting mistakes to planning a route. Get trickier as you go on.
Have fun following instructions to create a post office. You'll need a shoe box to create the office
Follow the instructions to make some amazing things with the help of an adult
Make some great musical instruments with Balamory
Make your own Puppet Theatre with a few print outs and a shoe box

Free Listening Skills Worksheets For Year R

Learn to use sign language with these simple printable sheets
Victorian and Edwardian Gems to download and print out and read to your child.
Victorian and Edwardian Gems to download and print out and read to your child.

Free Puzzles and Games Worksheets For Year R

Puzzles and games to download and complete.
Have fun with Dot-to-Dots, Colouring and Mazes

Free Learning Alphabet Worksheets For Year R

Get to know the alphabet with these lovely practice packs about each letter of the alphabet.
A set of sheets for each letter of the alphabet which can be assembled into an A5 folded booklet. It includes activities to aid recognition of the letters of the alphabet.
A whole website devoted to learning the alphabet. Loads and loads of resources, including songs, colouring sheets and flashcards to download.

Free Reading Worksheets For Year R

An American site with lots of free worksheets.
Scroll down to the letters and reading section.
Write words that relate to pictures
Select a story, print it, and draw the pictures to go along with it. Read the hints on how to make a book!
Print this read-aloud story and help your child fill in the blanks. Then read the story together.
A wide range of printables and posters to download and print out to help reinforce the english curriculum
A host of different activities to print out and complete from all your Nick Jr Favourites

Free Phonics Worksheets For Year R

A vast array of downloads in different formats to print out and complete. Choose Appropriate Level
A collection of worksheets that introduce your child to simple words with vowels
Listen and practise first and last letter sounds.

Free Spelling Worksheets For Year R

The 100 high-frequency words as specified in the DfES ‘Letters and Sounds’ publication presented on simple flash cards and different themes.
Words for Reception and Years 1 and 2 children to read and spell.

Free Handwriting Worksheets For Year R

Start to practice writing.
Letter Formation: A host of lovely worksheets to practice your letters. Also available in Cursive.
Lots of sheets to print out to practice cursive handwriting and first steps.
Create dynamic worksheet for children to practice writing the words you specify. You can either make up sentences yourself or choose from word lists
Downloadable booklet full of high frequency words for emergent writers. Click on title for downloadable booklet
Comprehensive pdf downloads. Scroll down to bottom of the page for links.
A large selection of cursive handwriting practice
Lots of different types of paper to download and practice writing on.
Join up for Free to download hundreds of worksheets including letter practice
Brilliant Resource for Fine Motor Skills
Lined paper to download to get going with your writing

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Key Skills for Learning the Alphabet

Using Online Games
No. 1:
Learning Alphabet A find the matching pairs game. Find the letters that correspond to the first sound of the word. You can choose to beat the timer as well.
No. 2:
Learning Alphabet Fun with Peppa Pig. Click on a card to find a letter and explore the room to find out an object that starts with the same letter.
No. 3:
Learning Alphabet Paint some letters with Alpha Pig
Using Worksheets
No. 1:
Learning Alphabet
No. 2:
Learning Alphabet
No. 3:
Learning Alphabet