English Worksheets for Year R (Ages 4-5)
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Reading and Comprehension

including: Phonics, Reading, Comprehension, Following Instructions, Puzzles and Games, Learning to Read, Learning Alphabet & Listening Skills

Alphabet Practice Packs From > Nick Jr
Get to know the alphabet with these lovely practice packs about each letter of the alphabet.
An Introduction to Vowels From > School Express
A collection of worksheets that introduce your child to simple words with vowels
Dora's Fill-in-the-Blank Story From > Nick Jr
Print this read-aloud story and help your child fill in the blanks. Then read the story together.
Early Phonics & Alphabet Work From > Primary Resources
A vast array of downloads in different formats to print out and complete. Choose Appropriate Level
Firstl/Last Letter Sounds From > School Express
Listen and practise first and last letter sounds.
Following Instructions From > School Express
Lots of worksheets to complete. Tasks from spotting mistakes to planning a route. Get trickier as you go on.
Fun With Spot From > Fun with Spot
Puzzles and games to download and complete.
Illustrate a Story From > Reading Is Fundamental
Select a story, print it, and draw the pictures to go along with it. Read the hints on how to make a book!
Jack and The Beanstalk From > Childrens Books Online
Victorian and Edwardian Gems to download and print out and read to your child.
Jakers Printables From > BBC
Have fun with Dot-to-Dots, Colouring and Mazes
Learn to Sign From > BBC
Learn to use sign language with these simple printable sheets
Make a Puppet Theatre From > BBC
Make your own Puppet Theatre with a few print outs and a shoe box
Mister Maker From > BBC
Follow the instructions to make some amazing things with the help of an adult
Musical Makes From > BBC
Make some great musical instruments with Balamory
Phonics Practice From > School Express
First word sound blends.
Picture Words From > Handwriting for Kids
Write words that relate to pictures
Postman Pats Post Office From > BBC
Have fun following instructions to create a post office. You'll need a shoe box to create the office
Read and Colour 1 From > Beginning Reading
An American site with lots of free worksheets.
Reading From > Worksheet Universe
Scroll down to the letters and reading section.
Three Blind Mice From > Childrens Books Online
Victorian and Edwardian Gems to download and print out and read to your child.
Yo Gabba Gabba Car Bingo From > Nick Jr
Print out and play bingo.
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Writing Spelling and Composition

including: Writing, Handwriting, Spelling', Composition & Poetry

ABC's From > MES English
Start to practice writing.
Cursive Handwriting From > Handwriting for Kids
A large selection of cursive handwriting practice
Dora's Writing Practice Paper From > Nick Jr
Lined paper to download to get going with your writing
Hand Writing Worksheets From > Twinkl
Letter Formation: A host of lovely worksheets to practice your letters. Also available in Cursive.
Handwriting Practice From > SEN Teacher
Brilliant Resource for Fine Motor Skills
Handwriting Practice From > Alphabet Avenue
Comprehensive pdf downloads. Scroll down to bottom of the page for links.
Handwriting Practice From > School Express
Lots of sheets to print out to practice cursive handwriting and first steps.
Handwriting Worksheets From > Worksheet Genius
Create dynamic worksheet for children to practice writing the words you specify. You can either make up sentences yourself or choose from word lists
High Frequency Words From > First School Years
Words for Reception and Years 1 and 2 children to read and spell.
High Frequency Words From > SparkleBox KS1
The 100 high-frequency words as specified in the DfES ‘Letters and Sounds’ publication presented on simple flash cards and different themes.
Letter Writing Practice From > Learning Page
Join up for Free to download hundreds of worksheets including letter practice
More Letter Practise From > School Express
Letters and Numbers
My Little Book of Words for Writing From > Alphabet Avenue
Downloadable booklet full of high frequency words for emergent writers. Click on title for downloadable booklet
Nursery Rhymes From > School Express
Lots of Nursery Rhymes to print out and fill in the missing words.
Writing Practice Paper From > Worksheet Universe
Lots of different types of paper to download and practice writing on.
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Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

including: Vocabulary, Grammar & Punctuation

We are sorry but we have not found any worksheets or games for this yeargroup in our database. Try a different year group for alternative content. Sometimes content for the year above or below might be suitable.