English Worksheets for Year 5 (Ages 9-10)
Welcome to English Worksheets for Year 5. We have loads of Worksheets to try - either have a look at the categories or scroll down to have a look. Browse Away.
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Reading and Comprehension

including: Phonics, Reading, Comprehension, Puzzles and Games & Listening Skills

BBC Skillswise-Reading From > BBC
A series of factsheets, quizzes and worksheets covering many aspects of reading from fact and opinion to summarising.
Comprehension Practice From > Tut World
A few worksheets containing comprehension passages and questions for practice.
Comprehension Worksheets From > Super Teacher Worksheets
Loads of documents to download with different passages and questions to read through. Answers included too.
Deduction From > BBC
Find out which route Sam will take by reading his weekly routine carefully. Download worksheet from Links section on right.
Electric Company - Kids Worksheets From > PBS
Loads of fun english worksheets for your child to try.Choose from easy, moderate or challenging.
Illustrate a Story From > Reading Is Fundamental
Select a story, print it, and draw the pictures to go along with it. Read the hints on how to make a book!
Wordsearch Galore From > ABC Teach
A lot of fun wordsearches to occupy some spare minutes.
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Writing Spelling and Composition

including: Writing, Writing Sentences, Writing Skills, Handwriting, Spelling, Composition & Poetry

Cursive Handwriting Sheets From > Super Teacher Worksheets
An extensive collection of downloadable worksheets to practice joined up writing
Handwriting Worksheets From > Worksheet Genius
Create dynamic worksheet for children to practice writing the words you specify. You can either make up sentences yourself or choose from word lists
High Frequency Words From > SparkleBox KS2
Download sets of the 125 medium-frequency spelling words to be taught in Years 4/5, presented on colourful planets, bricks or boats
KS2 SATs Spelling Lists From > Teaching News
A list and worksheets of all the Spellings that have appeared in the Sats since they started.
Poetry From > BBC
Analyse a poem, the worksheet can be downloaded from the links section on the right.
Spelling From > BBC
Spell the words correctly by using the right prefixes. Download the worksheet from the links section on the right.
Spelling Worksheets From > ABC Teach
Create your own spelling worksheets or choose from the many free spelling worksheets here.
Writing Practice From > Kidzone
Practice writing letters in cursive, script or block styles. Dynamic pages you create to contain any writing you want to.
Year 5 Spelling Resources From > St Ambrose Barlow Catholic School
A host of worksheets to help get to grips with spelling for Yr 4.
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Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

including: Grammar, Vocabulary, Punctuation & SATs Papers

BBC Skillswise-Grammar From > BBC
A series of factsheets, quizzes and worksheets covering many aspects of grammar from apostrophes to correct tenses.
Dictionaries From > BBC
Use a dictionary to look up the following words and write your own sentence using them. Download worksheet from links section on in the resources section of the lesson plan.
Grammar Practice From > Tut World
Practice aspects of correct grammar with these worksheets.
Grammar Worksheets From > ABC Teach
Eight worksheets that cover subjects including Suffixes, Compound Sentences and Prepositions
Punctuation From > BBC
Tidy up the sentences with the correct punctuation. Download the worksheet from the links section on the right.
Vocabulary Practice From > Tut World
A series of worksheets to complete which extends knowledge of vocabulary.